Discrete Mathematics in Theoretical Physics

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20.04.2010, 10:00 - 11:00


Raum: N.2.01
Hauptgebäude, Nordtrakt West Ebene 2


Institut für Mathematik


Applications of discrete mathematics abound in theoretical physics. In order to understand the characteristic properties of certain physics systems, it is helpful to study their minimum-energy states, or, if possible, the complete partition function. For several models of interest, exact data can be provided through mathematical optimization. Whereas for some of the problems polynomial-time algorithms are known, other tasks are NP-hard. In this talk, we give an overview over optimization applications in the area of disordered systems, which are mainly Ising and Potts spin glasses. Using graph-theoretic considerations, combinatorial optimization methods and polyhedral combinatorics, we design exact solution algorithm for each of the mentioned applications.


Dr. Frauke Liers (Universität zu Köln, Deutschland)


Anita Wachter [ Email: anita.wachter@uni-klu.ac.at ]