890.003 (19S) Modeling Sustainability in Board Games (Teil III)

Sommersemester 2019

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First appointment of the course
05.06.2019 09:00 - 17:00 SustainAbilityLab (SAL), Lakeside Park Haus B12a, 2. Stock Off Campus
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Course title german Modeling Sustainability in Board Games (Einführung Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Teil III)
Type Seminar (continuous assessment course )
Hours per Week 1.0
ECTS-credits 2.0
Registrations 11 (20 max.)
Organisational Unit
Language of Instruction English
possible language/s of the exam German
Course begins on (set in LVOnline) 05.06.2019
eLearning go to Moodle-Course
Seniorstudium Liberale Yes

Time and place

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Course Information

Learning Outcome

  • Apply knowledge on sustainable development
  • Communicate knowledge by making a board game

Teaching methodology including the use of eLearning tools

  • Introduction lecture
  • Groupworks

Introduction and provided documents are in English language. Groups can develop their game in any language if all intented group members are fine with that. During mutual playtests, the game must be presented in a language everybody understands, default is English.

Course Overview

  • Welcome, introduction
  • Find a game theme and topic
  • Design, first prototype
  • Prototype testing, improvement
  • Game test with teachers
  • Revision, concept for game manual
  • Game manual and game documentation
  • Presentation and conclusion

Prior knowledge

Knowledge in the field of sustainability, for example through the LVs 890.001 or 890.002 or experience in the analysis and design of board games, knowledge of game mechanics, etc.

Exam Information

Im Fall von online durchgeführten Prüfungen sind die Standards zu beachten, die die technischen Geräte der Studierenden erfüllen müssen, um an diesen Prüfungen teilnehmen zu können.

Grading scheme

Grade / Grade grading scheme

Degree programmes

  • Besonderer Studienbereich Nachhaltigkeit (SKZ: 999, Version: 12W.1)
    • Fach: Zertifikat Nachhaltigkeit (Compulsory elective)
      • Nachhaltigkeit ( 3.0h VS / 6.0 ECTS)
        • 890.003 Modeling Sustainability in Board Games (Teil III) (1.0h SE / 2.0 ECTS)
  • Erweiterungscurriculum Nachhaltigkeit (Version: 15W.1)
    • Fach: Nachhaltigkeit (Compulsory subject)
      • Seminar Nachhaltige Entwicklung Teil III ( 0.0h SE / 2.0 ECTS)
        • 890.003 Modeling Sustainability in Board Games (Teil III) (1.0h SE / 2.0 ECTS)

Equivalent Courses for counting the exam attempts

This Course has no equivalent Courses