Titel: Fachprüfung Rating Scales at Department of English

The focus on the workshop is on investigating whether there is, in fact, a clear empirical link between the two approaches, attestable in concrete discrete (linguistic) features in texts, and what consequences the existence of such overlap could have regarding our understanding of both the rating and the validation processes.

At this point, it is vital to establish a taxonomy of positive (plus) features (as the negative, minus, ones have been developed and published on, i.e. Dobrić and Sigott (2016); Sigott, Cesnik, and Dobrić (2016)). For this purpose, the mentoring connected to a workshop planned for September 2018 is desired. The mentor in question would be Univ. Prof. Marcus Callies from the University of Bremen in Germany. Marcus Callies is a full professor of English Linguistics, and his main research interests are learner corpus research with a focus on lexico-grammatical variation, discourse-functional and pragmatic aspects of advanced learner varieties and English for Academic Purposes. He is serving as co-editor of the International Journal of Learner Corpus Research and vice-president of the Learner Corpus Association. His experience in work with learner corpora would be crucial in developing the said annotation taxonomy of positively influencing features.

Schlagworte: testing, assessmnet, corpus linguistics, annotation, positive features
Ort: Klagenfurt
Staat: Österreich
Zeitraum: 19.09.2018
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