Selbstorganisierende UAS Schwärme zur Einsatzunterstützung in Katastrophenfällen und bei der Vermisstensuche

UASwarm aims at a monitoring-system consisting of a self-organizing UAS (Unmanned Air- craft system, drones) swarm, which is capable of receiving information in almost real time about an affected area (e.g. in the event of forest fires, search for missing persons) and the situation to enable image creation as well as the progress control of fire fighting and rescue work.

Important innovative components to be developed are swarm coordination of different types of UAS, navigation without GNSS signal, real-time and broadband communication in the swarm, flight platforms capable of swarming, light, scenario-adapted multi-sensor platforms (VIS, NIR, etc.) and AI-based real-time capable fusion, evaluation and information acquisition (situation images position) from the data of the swarm. The goal is a demonstrator of the UAS swarm and a proof-of-concept (PoC) test.

Schlagworte: swarm coordination, GNSS denied navigation, collaborative state estimation
Kurztitel: UASwarm
Zeitraum: 02.11.2020 - 01.11.2022
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